Our Achievements

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MVπ has been chosen by DocnDoc to review its digital strategy and make its technology the basis of its growth and differentiation.

Based on an analysis of the sector, the most suitable technologies and the use of data, we worked on all aspects of the disruption of the medical replacement market.

With the goal of growing DocnDoc, we focused the strategy on all aspects of a client's acquisition tunnel.

The digital impact of DocnDoc was multiplied by more than 20 in the first two months of implementing the strategy put in place by our teams.

MVPi - Pascale Karila Cohen

Pascale Karila-Cohen

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MVPi - organisation d'évènements

Organization of events

MVPi was commissioned by a leading corporate events agency to automatically generate and optimize the schedules of more than 2,000 customers.

MVπ has developed a software allowing to generate instantaneously the planning of all the participants. The solution takes into account the preferences and availabilities of the participants in order to optimize the meetings. The solution allows a team to instantly do the work that 5 employees used to do in 3 weeks.

MVPI - Chatbot Immobilier

Chatbot Real Estate

Contacted by a major player in asset management in France, we have developed an artificial intelligence solution to manage their portfolio and real estate investments.

This solution analyses market risks and opportunities in real time thanks to machine learning algorithms. It allows us to respond to questions and operational needs of employees in the form of a natural discussion through a chatbot.

MVPi - Automatisation

Billing automation

MVπ was commissioned by a major player in the French publishing world to create a tool to manage their contracts with writers.

The mission was about automation tools and learning. machine tools. They allow to save time when editing contracts, when updating contracts and when invoicing. Its integration into a cloud system allows for flexibility and deep integration into the information systems of publishing houses.